In response to the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy in 2017, the Waking Watch service was established in the UK to ensure the safety of residents in flats, apartments, and tower blocks, thereby preventing similar tragedies from occurring.

The Waking Watch service can also provide temporary safety measures until safer cladding is installed in place of the identified unsafe ones. Our company, Trident Security, offers a dedicated team of trained fire marshals who are well-versed in fire-safety protocols in such settings.

Based in Nottingham and available throughout the East Midlands, our team conducts full inspections and planning for each new building before commencing the service to guarantee comprehensive coverage and resident safety. We conduct frequent fire patrols at regular intervals throughout the day and night, depending on the size of the building being patrolled.

The tragic events of June 2017 served as a stark reminder that many recently constructed or renovated apartment and tower blocks incorporate hazardous cladding, with the potential to cause similar disasters in the future.

In response, the Waking Watch service was established to mitigate these safety risks. By deploying a team of extensively trained fire marshals, Waking Watch offers 24-hour protection to residents in high-risk locations while cladding is being replaced or if funds are not presently available.

Our fire marshals are highly skilled and thoroughly trained in fire safety procedures, equipped to respond promptly and effectively to any risks or threats. In the event of an emergency, they will promptly alert and evacuate all residents, utilizing various techniques, such as loud banging on doors, sirens, and forced entry if necessary. Moreover, they are well-versed in crowd management and public safety and will ensure a controlled and orderly evacuation.



Trident Security is an SIA-accredited security company based in Nottingham, UK, that provides comprehensive safety and customer service solutions. We understand that the safety of residents in residential settings is paramount, and our professional fire marshals provide friendly and top-notch services to ensure the safety of all residents.

Our Wake and Watch Fire Marshal services are also available in commercial buildings or educational settings. We take pride in our ability to provide excellent customer service and top-notch training to our staff to ensure that they provide quality services to our clients.

Regardless of the setting, our team of highly trained professionals can assist you.