Trident Security collaborates with multiple bars, nightclubs, and licensed establishments throughout Nottingham and the East Midlands, to supply them with proficient and adept door security teams. Our specialized security team ensures the safety of your customers and staff, by providing door and venue security teams for your pub, nightclub, club, or licensed premises.

We acknowledge the crucial role of having a high-quality door supervisor to maintain the integrity of your business, uphold standards, and guarantee the safety of your patrons. Our team of door staff is hand-picked based on your specific requirements, such as student-friendliness, discretion, or high visibility.

Additionally, we recognize the importance of customer service in venue and entertainment security, and we ensure that our staff is not only proficient in door security but also well-versed in greeting customers with a friendly tone and smile. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional services to meet your specific needs and provide a safe and secure environment for your patrons.

We specialize in providing secure and safe environments for patrons in licensed venues and pubs by implementing strategic techniques that safeguard entrance/exit systems and ensure the well-being of individuals in the venue.

We offer the following services to help protect your establishment:

Providing a professional and appropriate door security team, Our ability to quickly mobilize specialist teams, Ensuring your venue does not exceed the licensed capacity, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and surveillance of areas of venue which may be at risk, Monitoring of CCTV in the venue to help ensure the safety of crowds, Integrating a strong focus on customer service, Strong leadership and innovative techniques, Door & venue search teams, Stage & backstage managers for nightclubs and live music venues.



When it comes to licensed venue and door supervision, the safety of customers and staff is of utmost importance. At our company, we take every measure to ensure that your venue staff and customers feel secure and can enjoy themselves without disturbance from any troublemakers.

We have set very high standards in all aspects of security, including door and licensed venue security staff. Our team of door staff receives regular training to the highest standards in multiple fields, including first aid, personal search techniques, and more.

In addition, customer service is one of our top priorities. Our team is trained to provide great customer service to all patrons, starting from the moment they enter the venue until they leave.

Our versatile door security teams and SIA door supervisors are well-equipped to understand the different types of crowds that can be present at various venues. We always send the most suitable team for the venue or particular type of event/night.

As one of the UK’s leading door supervisor companies, we are available 24/7 to discuss any concerns or special requirements you may have for your pub, nightclub, or licensed venue. Our highly trained door supervisors and venue security team will work closely with you to ensure that capacity limits are not exceeded, minors and troublemakers are turned away, and customers are safe.

Any issues within your pub or club will be dealt with discreetly and professionally. We are always happy to schedule a meeting to discuss things further and answer any questions you may have.