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Whether you are looking for protection from physical harm to yourself, your family or your assets, Trident Security will be dedicated to providing a professional and highly-experienced service based on your needs, using our highly-trained Close Protection Operatives. We are experienced in protecting both occupied and vacant properties from criminals, intruders, vandals, squatters or any other threat which may be faced.

Integrity, discretion and intelligence are all part of our commitment to your well-being and safety. You can be assured that the focus of our operation will be concentrated on you and your assets at all times.

We always look closely at:

  • Analysis of local crime levels
  • security threats specific to your location
  • Presence of existing security measures
  • Any existing threats aimed directly at you, your family or your business
  • Utilising the latest technology to secure your property
  • Drawing up a comprehensive security plan

Our Residential Security Services

We employ a range of security strategies to keep your residential property safe from intruders, squatters, burglars, vandals and any other threats or criminal activity which may be faced, which include:

  • Residential Security Guards/Bodyguards
  • Installation of CCTV
  • Surveillance & CCTV Operators
  • Cutting-edge Alarm system
  • Security escorts
  • First Response Security Teams
  • 24 hour Residential Security guards
  • Anti-Squatter security strategies

Please contact us if the service you require is not listed here.

Want to know more or get a full quote?

Just drop us a message or call us on 07460 080111 and we will happily assist you. We are an independent security company based in Nottingham but we do cover the whole of the East Midlands including Derby, Leicester and the rest of the UK.


Our residential security team offer a wide range of security services to homeowners, businesses and landlords, employing a range of modern security techniques by highly trained residential security personnel, always enabling the fastest response times to any threat or activity.

We deliver complete peace of mind, so you know that there are highly trained operatives who will attend your home as and when required, whether you need 24 hour residential security guards or installation of CCTV with surveillance operatives, we will take care of it all for you.

Our first response residential security team will securely hold a set of your keys ready to respond to your property at any time, day or night should you not have on-site security personnel present.

Our residential and business security package is designed to provide an additional layer of security to our Principals daily lives, eliminating the risk of criminal activity against their family, property, grounds and possessions.

We are always happy to discuss any special requirements you may have and we are on-hand from 9am-6pm daily to answer any questions you may have or schedule in a meeting with us. We always take the confidentiality of enquiries extremely seriously so you can rest assured that your information will go no further.