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Security Guard


We are highly experienced in Warehouse and Industrial Security & Patrol and we work closely with many logistics and warehouse companies across Nottingham, East Midlands and the rest of the UK to ensure their goods and premises are protected against criminals and thieves.

With constant high volumes of visitors and workers passing through your doors, extensive stock and expensive equipment stored, factories and warehouses make for an extremely vulnerable environment when it comes to crime prevention in the warehouse or industrial unit.

By delivering a variety of security services, incorporating CCTV, Manned Security Guarding along with 24/7 Mobile Patrols and Emergency Response Vehicles we can secure your industrial premises and you can rest assured that your business will not suffer any interruption due to loss of goods or criminal activity on-site.

We always carry out a full inspection of your premises to ensure that every aspect of security on-site will be covered, offering a full range of services including on-site security personnel, Mobile Patrol Teams with response vehicles, night/24 hour security guards, remote CCTV monitoring, gatehouse staff, vehicle and personal searches and more.

We Can Help Secure your Warehouse

We work closely with you and your staff to ensure your business is getting the best loss prevention and protection strategy that is tailored to suit your businesses individual needs and requirements.

Strategies we can implement into your business include but are not limited to:

• Gatehouse staff

• Vehicle and personal searches

• Modular buildings for staff which can be deployed quickly

• Risk Assessment Reports & Safety Plan

• Night security personnel

• 24 hour Security guards

• Mobile Patrol

• First Response Vehicle Unit

• On-site & Remote CCTV monitoring and Surveillance

• First Response Team

• Control room staff

• Load checking

Security Guard

Protecting your assets and your business

Every year millions of pounds worth of goods are stolen from warehouse and industrial units, leaving businesses without vital stock needed to fulfil orders or transport to their next location.

The majority of the time, the theft or damage to premises could have been prevented if key security measures were taken beforehand. Our security team are trained to act fast in response to any security issue or threat and ensure that any problem that arises is dealt with efficiently and swiftly and preventative measures for the future are taken.

We have 24 hour security and patrol teams who are experts in preventing and deterring criminal activity on industrial sites, working round the clock to ensure the protection of your assets and safety of your staff.

Our security teams are able to liaise with the local police force when needed and site managers and other site security teams creating a cooperative and safe environment for everyone, no matter how remote or centralised your premises are

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Email us on info@tridentuksecurity.co.uk or call us on 07460 080111 and we will happily assist you. We are a family owned security company based in Nottingham but we do cover the whole of the East Midlands including Derby, Mansfield, Leicester and the rest of the UK.