At Trident Security Solutions Ltd. we recognize and live up to our responsibilities and wider community and we commit to conducting our business in an ethical and socially responsible way.

Our first responsibility is to our customers in providing services to meet their needs. Everything we do must be of high quality. We will create continuous improvement through a comprehensive performance management framework. We will endeavor constantly to deliver the best value and will innovate continuously to reduce our costs in order to maintain reasonable and competitive prices. On a daily basis, we will demonstrate that we care passionately about service and will earn our customer’s trust as people they can rely on to deliver outstanding performance. In so doing we will support our customer’s reputations and our own.

We are responsible to the men and women who deliver our service and who we entrust with our business and our good name. Every employee must be considered as an individual. We must respect their rights, their diversity, and their dignity and recognize their merit. There must be equal opportunities for employment and for development and advancement for those qualified.

We will encourage them through training and recognition to exemplify excellence in their respective jobs. They must feel free to make suggestions or complaints and report suspected misconduct. They will work within an organization that is run by accountable leaders who are competent and fair. In this way, we will attract, retain and keep motivated the best people in our sector.

We will comply fully with the spirit as well as the letter of all relevant legal and regulatory requirements and act as good corporate citizens. Our policies and procedures will conform to recognized best practices in corporate social responsibility and governance and will conduct our business with honesty, integrity, and transparency.

We have a responsibility to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, customers, and the premises where we are employed. We believe accidents are preventable and we are committed to achieving injury-free workplaces and encouraging and supporting our employees and sub-contractors.

We are responsible to the communities in which we conduct our business to behave as good citizens, to minimize any disruptive effect of our or our customer’s operations, to support community endeavors and good causes, and to make a positive impact. We are responsible to the wider community to minimize the environmental impact of our business by reducing our consumption of resources and the waste we produce.

We will continuously find innovative ways to help our customers to improve their own environmental performance.

We have a responsibility to treat our suppliers as we would wish to be treated as customers. Suppliers must have the opportunity to make a fair profit within competitive pricing and to be paid promptly according to mutually agreed terms.

We also have a responsibility to ourselves, to maintain sound finances, return a fair profit and invest for the future.