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Who you going to call?

“Who you going to call”, The police of course!.

Police & door staff.

Door Supervisor and Police

Working on doors as a door supervisor can be very unpredictable, frustrating & at times dangerous. Although the vast majority of the clientele are appreciative of your presence, there is a minority who are intent on making the job difficult & daunting. Excessive drinking & drug taking exacerbates the bad nature & bad behaviour of many people. As a result door supervisor can find themselves in situations which quickly escalate beyond their control at which point the police need to be called.A good symbiotic working relationship with the police as a  door supervisor is essential. Having a good professional
relationship with the police ensures regular passing patrols at the venue & a quick response in the event of a problem, which gives added security to staff & patrons to the venue.At Trident Security Solutions, our door supervisors where possible, maintain a professional relationship with the police. In the event of the police being called to any incidents involving our door supervisors, especially where violence had been used, they adhere to strict protocols.They stay calm, extricate them selves from the aggressor & give precise, clear information to the nature of the incident to the police. This allows the police to get a clear picture of what had transpired. A calm door supervisor allows the police to only have to deal with one agitated person which almost always are the perpetrators of the hostilities.This approach is greatly appreciated by the police & galvanises the good professional working relationship Trident Security Solutions enjoys with the police.


Donovan Snape our Operations Manager for Trident Security Solutions Ltd. Donovan is highly motivated individual with vast and extensive knowledge in the security industry which was gained whilst working in the industry over 20 years. He has proven record of leading and managing substantial teams over the years and has been a great mentor to many operatives in security industry. Donovan is fully committed to provide utmost professional service, exercising compelling leadership and maintaining high standard of work provided to our clientele.

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