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Ask for Angela

Unfortunately a night out around town for many women & some men, can end up being a harrowing & frightening experience. Unwanted attention, harassment overt sexual innuendo unfortunately in many cases are part & parcel of the night. These women quite often find themselves in a position where they are extremely frightening & do not know how to resolve their compromising situation.Ask Angela is the solution. Ask Angela is a code word used in many bars & venues in order to keep people safe from sexual assault. The code word is used to bar staff or security staff in participating establishments when they feel they are in danger or in a compromising situation. The name is a fictitious member of staff. The staff will then discreetly & safely help the person get to safety or ideally, home.

Ask Angela is the name of a campaign started in England by Hayley Child in 2016. Hayley Child was at the time the Substance Misuse Strategy Coordinator for Lincolnshire County Council. It was part of a larger campaign with the aim of reducing sexual violence & abuse of women in Lincolnshire. The name Angela was chosen in remembrance of Angela Crompton who was abused & murdered by her husband. The name Angela was also chosen because of its biblical connotations because the name Angela means “messenger of God. The idea was adopted in America where they use a serious of Code names attributed to drinks. Each drink code name ordered denotes the severity of the threat & the recipient of the code will act accordingly, ranging from taking the person to a place of safety to calling the police.Trident Security Solutions emphatically endorses the Ask Angela strategy & our highly trained Door Supervisors follow these six procedures when this situation arises.1) Offer to take the person asking for help to a part of the venue not in sight of the public or potential threat. (staff room, kitchen, toilets)2) Offer to call the person a taxi or assist them in calling a friend/family member to come & collect them3) where safe to do so ( the person asking for help is out of sight & the staff consider it safe) request the person causing distress leaves the venue.4) Ask the person in distress what it is they want to do? It may be they just want to alert staff that things are becoming uncomfortable & might need someone to keep watch whilst they collect possessions from the area where they were seated.5) Do not allow the person asking for help to leave the venue in sight of the person causing them distress as this could lead to them being followed out of the venue & placed at higher risk.6) If the person causing distress becomes angry consider calling the police for assistance & fully explain the situation to them on arrival.Check for bars & venues who use the Ask Angela scheme & spread the word.


Donovan Snape our Operations Manager for Trident Security Solutions Ltd. Donovan is highly motivated individual with vast and extensive knowledge in the security industry which was gained whilst working in the industry over 20 years. He has proven record of leading and managing substantial teams over the years and has been a great mentor to many operatives in security industry. Donovan is fully committed to provide utmost professional service, exercising compelling leadership and maintaining high standard of work provided to our clientele.

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