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We work with a wide range of companies accross Nottingham and the East Midlands to enhance the security of their business premises by employing a range of intelligent surveillance techniques.

Trident Security can provide the client with all different types of surveillance services, including advising on and installation of Closed Circuit television (CCTV) systems, CCTV Operators and more.

Our specialists possess the highest calibre backgrounds and training and are well experienced in conducting a wide range of covert surveillance operations whilst remaining discreet and focused on the clients requirements.

Our experts are not only trained in advanced surveillance but also counter and anti-surveillance, photographic and imagery equipment and advanced technical equipment.

We are also able to install home surveillance systems to protect you and your family and deter criminals and theieves from your property.

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Surveillance Security for Residential or Business Premises

We cover all aspects of surveillence security including industrial site and warehouse surveillance, Residential Surveillance, Retail Surveillence, education establishement surveillance (Colleges, Universities ect) and public transport.

Whether you need to employ surveillance strategies for your business or residential and office premises, Trident Security can help by employing a range of techniques including:

  • Set-up and advising on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and surveillance
  • Employing CCTV operatives to monitor footage 24 hours a day or when required
  • Industrial site Surveillence
  • Residential CCTV and Surveillance
  • Retail CCTV & Surveillance
  • Surveillence & CCTV in Education Premises incl. colleges and universities
  • Public Transport CCTV & Surveillance


Each surveillance task is preceded with in-depth intelligence planning and preparation, drawing on all available resources. This ensures we can facilitate a comprehensive task analysis in order to produce the best and most cost effective method of achieving the clients aims and objectives.

Developing relationships and collaborating with other established security companies in the UK, like Macaw Security, who build highly sophisticated CCTV systems for domestic and commercial properties, has helped us to expand into multiple sectors of the security industry.

When it comes to surveillance, Trident Security has the capabilities to utilise the latest in Technical Surveillance with articulate and highly trained security personnel and CCTV operatives.

We will always carry out a full inspection of your business or residential property to ensure we are providing you with a solution that covers every vulnerability, leaving no invitations for criminal or intruder activity.

We are always happy to discuss any concerns or special requirements you may have about your surveillance and security requirements. We are on hand from 9am-6pm daily to answer any questions you may have or schedule in a meeting to discuss things further.