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Security “Walking Watch” Services

At Trident we are amongst the UK’s key providers of Security “Waking Watch” services. It is a direct response to the tragic events at Grenfell Tower in the summer of 2017.  Grenfell highlighted safety issues in a large number of buildings nationally & potentially around the world.

High rise & low rise buildings with non fire resistant cladding are being reviewed by Fire Chiefs & reports are being continually formulated.  Dangerous Aluminium Composite Materials, (ACM), cladding has been found on 333 high-rise residential buildings.  This does not include many more blocks where dangerous combustible non ACM has been identified as a hazard. As a result, more & more commercial & residential properties will have to have their cladding removed or implement a Waking Watch.  Removal of the cladding in many cases can be prohibitively expensive depending on how the building is owned, or managed. Walking Watch, in the interim is the preferred option.

In many residential blocks nationally, evacuation instructions have changed from stay put, to evacuate. This new instruction has gone hand In hand with the mandatory installation of an alarm system or permanent Waking Watch.

Waking Watch has become the preferred option in Tridents experience, not least for the cost benefits Trident provides but also for the high quality of service, experience we have & provide within this particular area.  The National Fire Chiefs Council officially recognise Waking Watch & endorses their contribution to fire reduction.

At Trident we provide 24/7 Security Waking Watch services for both residential & commercial properties throughout the United Kingdom. Our highly qualified team are Fire Marshall trained & Trident are continually revamping, improving & implementing their procedures & processes to the individual client needs. We do this continually, because no two buildings are the same.

We make sure the building is fire safe by highlighting & preempting any potential danger areas. Fire patrols are conducted at intervals to suit the clients needs. Every 30 minutes seems to be the industry standard for smaller buildings, but this can vary on much larger buildings.  If a fire is detected, our team will follow all fire protocols, alert & liaise with emergency services.  Residents will be alerted with an array of methods including whistles, Air horns & banging on doors, If appropriate . Our Marshall’s will also ensure all residents are directed to assembly points in a calm & professional manner ensuring a safe evacuation.

If you have a building or buildings that you feel would benefit from our waking watch service, then don’t hesitate to contact the Trident team & we will be happy to discuss your needs.

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