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Retail Security: 3 of the Best Ways to Protect Your Store

If you own a store or hospitality venue of any size, shape and capacity, it is likely you are occupied by three reoccurring issues: product, profit and retail security.

All three must work in tandem in order to achieve businesses success. Of the three, the most overlooked and underutilised is hospitality and shop security. 

This is a costly oversight. The latest report by the British Retail Consortium states that customer theft costs retailers £770m. Overall, the cost of retail crimes totalled £2.2bn.

We asked our team of hospitality and retail security experts to submit their top 3 tips for ensuring your premises achieve robust safety and protection.

Good Lighting

Shoplifting is often a trick of concealment. To conceal something requires dim light or darkness. In these conditions – still far too prevalent in many stores – the shoplifter is obscured, and observers are rendered unawares.

The entirety of your shop floor requires good lighting. This means no corners, aisles or nooks can be anything less than brightly illuminated. This simple but highly effective solution is likely to deter shoplifters, particularly problematic reoffenders who deliberately seek dimness.

Beyond closing hours and in the absence of staff, overnight security lighting is a recommended deterrent in the hospitality sector. Unilluminated foyers are a much more appealing target than those with visible security measures.

Visible Security

A visible security presence is an immediate signifier to customers and guests, demonstrating that your establishment takes a serious approach to security. Signage can help to an extent, particularly if you are making patrons aware of your CCTV presence. However, this solution will not suit all, or even most, modern stores and venues.

Instead, our experts recommend the presence of a security guard. This is often the simplest and most effective way of fortifying security measures. An experienced professional security officer gives you a strategic edge against any potential shoplifters or problematic incidents.

Trained Staff

Training your staff in effective security protocol ensures an immediate response and preparedness. Without prepared staff and rapid implementation of protocols, the advantage lies with the shoplifter. At hospitality locations, problematic incidents can quickly escalate.  

Staff must know at which stage to alert on-site security guard, manger or police. But it is the working understanding between staff and security teams that can comprehensively reduce security and safety breaches.

Find Your Security Solution

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