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Residential Security Services

How Residential Security Patrol Services Keep Communities Safe

Residential security patrol services are popular because they are effective. Other types of security give a degree of assurance – but no other security solution provides comprehensive protection like a security patrol.  

The huge increase in residential security has driven the rise in mobile patrol. In the states, the market size has grown by 15% over the last decade. Much of that percentage consists specifically of mobile security patrols, led by a residential security officer. 

In the Midlands, we’ve seen client demand for residential security patrol services follow that pattern. From our base in Nottingham, we regularly dispatch security patrols to locations in the Leicester, Loughborough, and Birmingham areas.  

What is residential patrol?  

If you manage or own a large residence, security and safety is, of course, a persistent issue. For example, in the UK, around 58% of burglaries occur when the resident is at home. A residential security patrol service is a necessary reinforcement to existing deterrents (such as CCTV and alarms) involving security guards patrolling the estate on foot or by vehicle.  

What is the purpose of a patrol?  

When mobile security patrols travel through the grounds of a residence, they are tasked with identifying potential security threats. Aside from trespassers, a residential security officer is trained to spot compromises in building security – unsecured doors, unfortified windows, potential flooding, and fire hazards. A residential security patrols service will coordinate circuits of the area so that the residence is optimally secure.  

Depending on the size of the grounds and the needs of the client, a residential security guard can patrol on foot or by vehicle, commonly by cart or Segway.  

Your residential security patrol service  

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