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Event Security: Top Tips & Tricks for Making Your Event Safe

If you want to hire a security guard for an event, there are several things to consider before doing so. 

Security guard hiring is essential to events. And security events services can assist you in the strategy best suited to nature of your event. 

But, if you are hosting the event or are involved in its planning, it is wise to begin thinking about what you may require from hired show and event security.  

Any gathering of crowds requires extra security diligence post the events at concerts in Manchester and Paris, as a new industry standard. But it isn’t just these high-profile threats that can impact the running of events.  

Even minor security disruption can affect customer satisfaction. So, if you’re contemplating whether to hire security for an event, our security experts have collated their top three tips for a smoother, safer process.  

Know Your Venue  

When you hire a security guard for an event, the first thing they will need to know is the details of the venue. This is because event security services need to know how ‘porous’ a venue is – this is the industry term for knowing the entry and exist points.  

This includes the obvious – doors and entrances – and the less obvious, such as windows, roof and ceiling spaces.    

With outdoor events, shown and event security can use the information you provide them to consider a fencing and barricade strategy, for example.  

Keep Security Visible  

The great advantage of hiring security is that is helps with the most essential aspect of event security: it prevents threats from occurring in the first place. 

Agitators do not want to see organised, trained and professional security. Uniformed and visible security can supress any potentially harmful attendee because they know the event is robustly protected.  

Hiding security teams within a crowd not only increases the chances of a threat, but makes crowds feel less safe than they would in the presence of visibly trained and attentive security guards. 

Create Security Checkpoints  

A great way to assist security event services is to create several checkpoints away from the main entry point. This way, each attendee will meet your hired security guards before any agitation can occur.   

For example, if you are expecting long ques, then adding a few security checkpoints amidst the expected lines means agitators can properly be dealt with before the main event is reached.  

This technique is a similar deterrent to visible security in that it increases the chances of deterring potential aggressors.  

Security Guard Hiring Solution  

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