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East Midlands Security Threats and How to Prepare for Them

For East Midlands security services, it is essential to keep informed of the latest security data.

This allows for the execution of optimum strategies relative to the types of physical threats and physical security risks we may face. 

Likewise, it is prudent for businesses to understand the likeliest security breaches they may face. If you are considering hiring East Midlands-based security services, we’ve gathered the most pertinent security risks for business owners and residential security.  

Violent Crime  

Under UK law, violent crime covers robbery, a key concern for companies and large estates. As a security service in the East Midlands, we have adapted to the latest regional crime data, and violent crime is the most common offense in the area, at 32.9% for the last recorded period (August 2020 – July 2021). 

Physical security risks are in the region are the fourth highest in the country, behind London, Yorkshire and the North East.  

Anti-social behaviour 

This type of behaviour is one that businesses owners and staff are, unfortunately, likely to experience. At Trident Security, we are an East Midlands security service whose specially trained guards ensure that anti-social behaviour is deterred before escalating into a physical security risk.  

The region is particularly susceptible to anti-social behaviour and is currently at 104% of the national crimes rate.  

Criminal damage & arson  

Effective security is not simply about identifying types of physical threats. The latest crime stats for the region reveal that most criminal damage and arson occurs at small businesses. It is the third highest crime committed in the East Midlands. It can be a particular concern if your site occupies an industrial estate.  

Given the prominence of this crime, our overnight manned guarding team are highly trained specialists in industrial and warehouse security.  


Another crime that exceeds the national average in the East Midlands is burglary. And, of course, this makes burglary especially concerning for both residents and businesses owners.  

We’ve ensured both our residential security teams and onsite guards are accomplished at deterring and identifying potential security breaches.  

In the 2020 – 2021 period, recorded crime dropped as covid restrictions kept business closed and residents at home. Yet there was still, over 20,000 burglaries recorded in the East Midlands alone. As we return to normality, it is wise to begin thinking about your security requirements.  

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