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Calm down & let’s talk about it

Conflict management

Door Supervisor

Dealing with angry, irascible people fuelled on alcohol is part & parcel of door supervision. Excessive drinking & recreational drug taking will massively exacerbate people’s emotions & situations can very quickly & exponentially spiral out of control, this is where good conflict management skills are essential.Used correctly conflict management can diffuse almost all situations with a positive outcome. Mitigating the negative aspects of a potentially volatile situation whilst enhancing the positive aspects is the main criteria for good conflict management.The key aspects of good conflict management are to avoid competing verbally with the person or persons. Try to find a compromise which leaves all sides feeling they have had a positive outcome. Empathise & collaborate with the person where possible & as much as possible, so they feel you are
listening to them & taking onboard their grievance or grievances. And key, stay calm relaxed with a moderated voice.

These techniques will go a very long way to defusing a great many situations on the door & also in every day life, this is why all Trident Security Solutions staff are trained in Conflict Management to this level. Trident Security Solutions & many of the venues where we deploy door supervisors have had copious feed back from customers on how well we have handled situations. On many occasions the persons who was initially making a nuisance of themselves have returned the following week to apologise & thank our door team for dealing with them in such a professional manner & acknowledging that they were totally in the wrong.


Donovan Snape our Operations Manager for Trident Security Solutions Ltd. Donovan is highly motivated individual with vast and extensive knowledge in the security industry which was gained whilst working in the industry over 20 years. He has proven record of leading and managing substantial teams over the years and has been a great mentor to many operatives in security industry. Donovan is fully committed to provide utmost professional service, exercising compelling leadership and maintaining high standard of work provided to our clientele.

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