Stay at Home, Save Lives

Over the last few days we have experienced a welcomed upturn in the weather, although nice, it brings with it the temptation for people to forget the current situation & go out. As we already know, Coronavirus does not discriminate. This has been dramatically demonstrated in recent days with Boris Johnson being admitted into hospital & subsequently placed into intensive care.

History will probably show that we will never forget the Coronavirus lockdown. We may in the future refer to dates as BC & AC, (before Corona & after after Corona). The implications & ramifications of Coronavirus are complex & wide ranging, many of which are yet to materialise.

Separate to worries related to the Coronavirus, families will be experiencing other tensions & issues derived from being confined together for long periods of time to home. According to research into relationships conducted by Prof Jacqui Gabb of the open university, “in ordinary times, couples spend on average of two and a half hours together”.  With lock down the hours spent together could be anything from 12 to 16 hours of our of the waking day together. Add to this cocktail; children off school, working from home & attempting to home school, in some cases, you could have a volatile mix.

At the risk of sounding patronising, which is not our intention, at Trident we would urge you all to find coping mechanisms to deal with the pressures & to possibly recognise any potential flash points before they arise. This will go a long way towards preventing people feeling the need to get out of the house & potentially breaking social gathering guidelines.

We still potentially have a way to go with the lockdown, but if we resist the urge to go out in the sun, especially with the long Easter Bank Holiday approaching  this weekend will be saving lives & alleviating pressure on the NHS & it’s resources.