Increased need for Security Services

While Covid-19 continues its grip on the country & indeed the world, security services become more acute. A large swathe of business & industry have been forced to close their doors, the unfortunate affect of this has left an unprecedented number of businesses vulnerable. Criminal activity has increased, especially for the opportunist criminal, as the lock down continues this opportunity criminal will inevitably become more organised & prevalent.

Currently a lot of people working from home ranging from directors to secretary’s which is ideal for social distancing. But in turn it leaves a large array of businesses unprotected & exposed. There has been a marked increased of crimes, that were not at very high levels.

Nottingham City Council has seen an unprecedented increase of fly tipping on closed industrial estates, car forecourts & car parks. Along side this, graffiti & mindless vandalism has dramatically increased.

As lockdown increased, people will use this spare time to undertake those DIY projects they have been putting off. As well as clearing the garden shed, the loft & any other area where there has been an accumulation of unwanted positions. The problem is set to get worse especially as all local tips across the country are deemed as non essential & are closed.

This is the perfect time to utilise Trident for their security services. As a leading players in the protection of business’s, we pride ourselves in taking the initiative. And are always deriving new & innovative ways of protecting businesses. We have adapted to the current situation in many ways. Our mobile & static patrols will significantly decrease the instances of criminality at your business.

Wether you require a short term bespoke solution during the current pandemic or long term traditional security.  Trident will will be able to formulate an action plan to suit your specific requirements. Contact our team & we will be happy to facilitate you in anyway you require.