Importance of Security Services

There are a multitude of reasons for wanting or needing security in place. Your need will be dependent on the nature of your business.  On many occasions security may be mandatory for compliance with the law or legislative bodies such as licensed
premises. On licenced premises door supervisors will be used for the safeguard of patrons & compliance of regulations, not to mention the venue itself. Door supervision is a key part of Tridents portfolio & we are valued by all of our customers. Because we offer total turnkey security solutions to all of our clients, this has enabled us to attain a highly respected reputation within the security industry. Our operatives are of the highest calibre & are selected due to their professionalism and integrity

Protect of property or equipment is another essential fundamental reason for security. Building sites, could at any time have hundreds of thousands of pounds of tools, materials & machinery on a site, all of which is vulnerable to theft or damage.  It was recently revealed by Insurer Allianz Cornhill, theft alone costs the industry £800 Million a year. This is no small sum & is of major concern to the construction industry as a whole. The government has taken steps to make it more difficult for
criminals to further sell on metals. They have achieved this through legislation prohibiting anonymous sales of metal for cash. Even with this legislation in place, metal & plant theft is still on the increase.  Trident have played a key role in reducing these kind of thefts by having security operatives employed on building sites in Nottingham & the East Midlands. Our uniquely, clearly defined high Vis uniforms not only act as a visual deterrent to any opportunist thieves, coupled with our regular patrols undertaken by our highly Trained SIA operatives ensure a constant deterrent to the more determined individuals.

With the present threat from Covid19, hiring security will bring added piece mind, that you as a business, are doing everything possible to keep your business, property, staff & customers safe. Trident management team and all of our operatives are following all of the current legislation and updates from the government regarding security, and other security related issues. It is always good to be security conscious, it may be more so now.