Importance of choosing the right security company

Choosing the right security company, in most cases will be integral so the smooth running of your business or operation. Choosing the wrong security company could be the difference between your business or operation continuing or not. But how would you know if the security company you have chosen is someone you can trust, someone that not only says but does as well? Here are things you need to look out for?

SIA Licensing

SIA (Security Industry Authority) have been created to regulate and improve security industries image. Reporting to the Home Secretary, they are an independent body & are tasked with maintaining consistently high levels of service within the security sector. Its main role is the regulating & compulsory licensing of all individuals who wish to operate & work within all aspects of the security industry. Each individual applying for a SIA licence is DBS checked.  The checks are designed to ensure that only individuals who are fit & proper, will hold an SIA licence. It is vital to find out that the company you are hiring are regulated and compliant with SIA rules. If the company sends out security operatives without a license, it is illegal.


This one of the most essential qualifications that security company should have. It is a voluntary scheme that is managed and regulated by SIA putting system of inspections on yearly basis, this accreditation is aimed at bringing security companies to higher standards of performance and brings bigger opportunities to gain new clientele and provide not only better service but be on top with all new legislations of the law.

Vetting System

It is important to know that all the security operatives of the security company are properly vetted through BS7858 – 2019 system that has been put in place by BSI to raise standards of who exactly security company employs, with thoroughly background checks/work history/references. This provides peace of mind for security companies that people that they employ are properly vetted and can provide security service for your business. This is one of the essential parts of (SIA APPROVED CONTRACTOR) Scheme


This is also a very important part as all others, it is compulsory that any industry has employer’s liability insurance. Although public liability insurance is not compulsory it is still essential as well, make sure that security company you have chosen provides you with the copies of the certificates on your request.


Although training has been provided to security operatives by SIA, it is important to know that security operatives are trained regularly within the company as well. Gaining extra accreditations such as First Aid, Fire Marshall and other training will be beneficial to your business. Think about it, security company that you chose would show that they care for your business and can provide these extra benefits of not only to have SIA licensed staff but also to be trained in other fields of industry as well

Reliability/Responsibility/Unique Approach

It is important aspect in the security industry, every business is different. You need to ask yourselves, will this company be reliable, will they protect my business and be flexible, will they look at each corner of the business and will properly protect it. If the security requirement change will they be able to adapt quickly and efficiently with the requirement requested? Good security company will provide 24/7 support, dedicated area manager to your business and weekly visits to see how smooth security operatives operate at your site/venue and if anything needs to be adjusted to your requirements.

At Trident we cover all aspects of security, providing a comprehensive turnkey solution which includes door supervision, manned guarding, mobile patrols, CCTV monitoring & close protection. All of our operatives are highly trained and are instantly recognisable by our unique well-presented uniform. You will never see a Trident operative out of uniform whilst working for you.

We are members of the EMCA, East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, and also members of CSSC, Cross-Sector Safety & security Communications. CSSC helps businesses remain safe & secure by providing information that will assist them to develop robust resilience & emergency preparedness plans & strategies. To achieve this they deliver accurate, timely, & authoritative messaging & information. We are SIA Approved 2nd year running and pride ourselves with being on top of everything that SIA requires of us. Choosing Trident will be the correct choice irrespective of your security requirements.