Guard Tour Management System for Security Guarding

Having guards patrolling your site or premises is arguably the most effective & efficient form of protection. Trident have a wealth of knowledge & experiences in mobile patrol guarding. We cover every aspect, from hotels to large warehouses, building sites, car showrooms & forecourts.

To guarantee customer satisfaction & deliver a quality service, Trident pioneered the QR Code Guard Tour Management System. A series of QR codes strategically placed around a site or building will be systematically checked into by our guard at regular predetermined times, & is verified by our 24 hour control centre. This gives our clients complete piece of mind that their property is being patrolled correctly. The client & our central control have access to real time updates of any issues because the guard has the ability to gather multimedia data such as images, voice recording and videos which is being send directly to our control centre and clientele email address, we believe that this is much more effective and professional way of dealing with any issues that may arise and actions can be taken much faster to rectify any issues. It shows real time geolocation of the security guard, his/her time keeping and shows if any checkpoints might of been missed as well.

You can choose from daily to monthly reports that are available for our clients perusal. This is done so they can make tweaks to how their patrols are conducted, if they see fit. At Trident we believe our clients should have full inclusion of our operations which effect their site or property.  The system also provides an extra level of security for our guard if they are working alone. The system is compatible & designed to work with all smart phones anywhere in the world as it is backed up by cloud technology.

Most importantly, there is zero cost to our clientele. Trident absorb all of the costs & provide all of the hardware & software making this system a no brainier for our clients. We employ & utilise this system to great affect in our Fire Marshalling contracts, & it has proven to be an invaluable tool, reaping great benefits & rewards for both Trident & our clients.

Want to know more about our security guarding services?

We provide BS7858:2019 Vetted staff according with BSI and SIA Regulations. All of our staff are fully trained, we offer 24/7 site/venue security. We are fully insured for public and employees liability insurance as well.  Please click on the link to find out more on how we can help with security guarding needs that you may have.