BBC Radio Nottingham Trident Security Appearance

Trident Security recently had a chance to be interviewed on BBC Radio Nottingham about the Close Protection Services that we provide. We were thrilled to be invited to the interview, which was following the release of the BBC popular TV Series “Bodyguard” and aimed to help the public understand what actually a bodyguard is. And who better to ask, than some real-life bodyguards!

We happily took the responsibility of explaining and giving some examples of what a Close Protection Officer is and what jobs he or she would undertake, of course without giving any information out on the clients as privacy and protection is the vital point as a close protection operative.

It was a fantastic day for our team and it was great to meet Mark Dennison who is the host of BBC Radio Nottingham. He is a truly great person and wonderful radio speaker. We played out a scenario of what to look out for when on duty and protecting a VIP. Mark Dennison was our VIP and one of our operatives was showing him what he would be looking out for and what situation might occur during their protection.

Roman Yuriychuk “Managing Director” explained: “A close Protection officer is not what people think it is, most of us think that a Bodyguard is this huge guy with no emotions who just stands near their client and scares people, but in fact, it is not the case. A close Protection officer could be big or small, tall or short, visible or unnoticeable, a female or male. Our clients choose what type of person they require whether it is to protect them on meetings, holidays or business trips etc.”

It was a great experience for us to represent our company and sharing our thoughts and experiences. We would like to say BIG THANK YOU to BBC Radio Nottingham, Mark Dennison and Nigel Bell for the opportunity and a great day at the studio.

Bodyguard: The Series

Bodyguard, a crime/police-thriller based in the UK and first broadcast by the BBC in August 2018, is about an army veteran who suffers from PTSD and is now working in London for the Metropolitan Police Service’s Royalty and Specialist Protection team. After a series of events leads him to become something of a hero, he becomes a bodyguard for Julia Montague, the Home Secretary and a politician who due to some of her controversial policies and his time serving the war in Afganistan, has him torn between his beliefs and duty as a bodyguard. A thrilling and captivating series that’s been very well-received by the British public and has had us hooked!

Want to Know More About Close Protection?

At Trident Security, we specialise in close protection and VIP security services and have a large team of friendly, professional bodyguards. Based in Nottingham, we operate throughout the UK, including locations such as London, Milton Keynes and local areas such as Derby. We are SIA licenced and we also offer a full spectrum of security services. To know more about our close protection or other security services, just get in touch, we’ll be happy to help!